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Compared with the promotion

      "Fair competition and increase vitality, comparative management efficiency." Between company departments, subsidiaries and between subsidiaries between sales areas are regularly compare administration, the completion of performance, key indicators of achievement rates, sales management completion rates were compared. Comparison of management is not limited to within the company, but also to go with the industry and even cross-industry comparison, by comparing business models to find their own learning, learning experience, a good model to promote the company's development. Every time progress is progress in the next start time.
Coordination and implementation

      No 100 percent solution, only 100% of the implementation. "Companies focus on work efficiency and achievement of results, has formed a complete system of coordination meetings, first see accountability, etc. Meanwhile, the company is the first company to introduce the fertilizer industry SAP international advanced enterprise information management system, to achieve a high degree of integration of production and marketing, finance and marketing, and other management functions between the organic convergence and collaboration enterprise modules provide a strong guarantee.
Innovation and incentives

      We attach importance to innovation power, the idea of talent, convinced that innovation is the rapid development of important success factor to adapt to change. To stimulate staff innovation, staff good ideas, good suggestions about them, the company vigorously promote "Million innovation" action, took 1 million to reward propose innovative solutions, quality staff cases per year, in order to promote sustainable innovation the virtuous circle. At the same time, internal department set up daily reward incentive fund to reward a job well done, work hard and capable employees, so that employees pay each a sincere, every small company's progress have been recognized and rewarded.
Learning and Training

      The company has been committed to enhancing employees' knowledge and skills, stimulate their creativity and potential, improve the overall quality of the team. The company established a training system and scientific and standardized management system, every year, generous investment in staff training. For example, the organization executives and key employees to Peking University, Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities to participate in advanced training courses, establish marketing maritime business school, at home and abroad business models learning exchanges, regular meetings of professional seminars, professional skills training sessions. At work, for the training of staff training, encourage the adoption of decentralization, decentralization of staff involved in the management, the staff truly become the company's "ownership."
Respect and caring

      The sky has always been "family culture" as the main line, respect their individuality and humanity, respect and meet the needs of multi-level employees, concerned about the growth and development of staff. Company leaders and employees equal exchange, organize monthly "heart communication" for employees to communicate face to face with the senior leadership, to take seriously every issue raised by employees, to answer questions and respond publicly the results. On the other hand, by means of regular paid travel, single fraternities, sports / entertainment evening, weekend hiking and other activities enrich their lives. The company offers a comprehensive welfare incentives and performance incentives, so that every employee feel the warmth of the Company, and the realization of self-worth.